Case of the Ex

You know how you can go on your merry little way….loving life and doing positive things until the inevitable things happens…..the ex calls/texts your phone and makes you wanna curse. I ended my relationship with said ex in May 2007. Yeah…’s been that long. Apparently not long enough for him. That was one of the toughest things that I had to do AT THE TIME. We had been in a relationship for 4 years….almost 5 at that point. It was the classic female response: toxic relationship, yet too much time and energy had been invested in the relationship that I didn’t know how to let it go. Two very vital things happened to help me let this relationship go. It became a long distance relationship because of law school and I met someone else who, when only a friend, showed me that he was a better man and that I deserved better. (I am still with that guy today. *blushes*)

The breakup process took about 8 months because he moved away and thought that when he got back 3 months later that I would “come to my senses.” *side eye* That was the worst breakup that I have ever been through… just his voice makes me frown. I decided to something just a little different this time….be friendly. At this point in my life I am in a better place. I took that whole relationship as a lesson learned and I am really so much better for it. You know what I found out? 3 years later, he is the same damn person. He’s still a liar (…I mean really, I already heard how you got fired from teaching at that school from 2 different people. Your story is crazy as hell!). He still makes everything all about him (You called and asked about me….how did my mother’s death relate to your false job story?). He still tries to shots at my self esteem (although I never let that go on too much anyway). Had to end that conversation before I went off, lol. Every time I think he will disappear…..he texts. I know that my quality of life has greatly improved in his absence. Crazy enough….I think his got worse. Too bad….so sad….


2 thoughts on “Case of the Ex

  1. Wow! Thanks for your kind words on my post…now to yours :)It's amazing to be in a better place, isn't it?? Congrats on standing up for yourself! You do deserve someone who will cherish you and be there for you..not bring you down.

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