Getting to Healthy

Weight Loss Challenge Week 2
Starting Weight: 190 lbs.
Current Weight: 191 lbs.
Total Weight Loss: +1 (ouch!)
Target Weight Loss: 5% of total weight (180 lbs.)
Goal Weight: 140 lbs.
Calorie Target: 1800 cal./day
Fat Gram Target: 19g/meal

So this is the beginning of Week 2 on Alli. I gained a pound….ouch! I will say that this has every thing to do with me taking the pill, skipping breafast, going over my fat targets on dinner and barely exercising. So there I can admit it. It only took me to gain a pound to realize that I really needed to change. The first week I did really well. Then I went to the Mississippi State Fair. It was all downhill from there, lol. I ate funnel cakes, turkey legs, chicken-on-a-stick…..yea I overdid it. But the fair only comes once a year so I am over that. I hope to exercise a little more self-restraint over the holiday season….or at least lose some weight by then that I will feel so fabulous and not really care.

So I began my real quest this morning. I always PLAN to do something but never get into the action part of it. I woke up right before the sun came up and went the park and just walked and ran it out. Mostly walked, but hey…I’m moving right. I broke a sweat and felt the burn so I feel good about the workout. Came home and ate breakfast. I NEVER eat breakfast so this worked. I plan to do this everyday….except maybe Sunday because even God got rest on the 7th day, lol. I am also looking into taking Zumba classes. They are becoming really popular here now. At $5 a class, I could get into that. Beats the hell out of where that $5 normally goes (chicken flatbread sandwich, nachos, and a Mountain Dew Baja Blast from Taco Bell). So pray for me….I’m going all in this time.


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