Day 6: Five Favorite Songs

This is a very appropriate day for this post. I am a lover of music, so I am doing a concurrent 30 Day Music Challenge on my Tumblr. Here are my five favorites in no particular order.
  1. Ready or Not – After 7: This is my favorite song of all time. I first heard this song at a local pageant and something about it always stuck with me. I LOVE love songs and this one to me is a classic.
  2. Get It Shawty – Lloyd: This is my favorite song of my most favorite year…..2007.
  3. Limelight – T.I.: Urban Legend is one of my favorite albums of all time and this is the best song!
  4. Diva – Beyonce: This is my theme song!
  5. My Latest Greatest Inspiration – Teddy Pendergrass: My and my boyfriend confessed our love for each other while this song was playing.
It was hard to pick just five songs that are my favorites. I could really go on for days.

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