Thinking About Mothers….

Okay, I know this is a late post, but it takes me a minute to sort out all of my feelings about Mother’s Day as the year go by. 
This marked the second Mother’s Day without my mom and almost three years since she passed. It does get easier a little everyday, but I REALLY miss my mom.
Me and Mama; Baby Gerry’s footprints

She was my best friend, more like sisters after I turned 18 than that strained mother-daughter relationship that a lot of women have. Every year around this time is hard for me. She passed in June, so next month will be tough as well. 

This year was especially hard for me because this would have been my first Mother’s Day. For those that are new, I lost my firstborn son at 23 weeks last September  I never knew that there would be so much of a grieving process for someone that you never met BUT THERE IS. Every time I think that I have gone through the healing process, it comes right back up. Boo Thang, of course, anticipated all of this. He bought me Mother’s Day gifts.
Who doesn’t love gifts to brighten your day?

His sister did as well. They did a good job of keeping me in tears all Sunday. It feels good to still be considered as a mother. Boo Thang said, “just because he died, it doesn’t erase the memory….it doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen.” I’ve been learning through my support group that losing your child doesn’t mean you aren’t a mother. It’s nice to hear it from those you love. So Mother’s Day wasn’t bad after all. It actually was a great and beautiful day. 

How did you spend your day?


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