My First Flat Twistout Success!

As my natural hair grows out, I’m learning a great deal about myself. Namely how impatient I can be about EVERYTHING. I’ve done my research about going natural and I know for a fact that transitioning to natural (which I chose for the sole reason of not wanting a TWA) is a hard path. Doesn’t stop me from complaining about maintaining my two textures and the fact that April seems to be a long way. (This when I’m tentatively going to big chop) Just when I though I was going to lose my mind…I LEARNED HOW TO FLAT TWIST!!!! This may seem like a small feat to those who have been doing their hair a long time, but for me this was major.



With a headband….HOTTY TODDY!!



All dressed up and ready to go out.


So this was my style for the last two weeks. I was happy about finally having a style that let me have 3rd day hair. THIRD. DAY. HAIR. When I used to wash and do a bantu knot out or regular twist out, it was cute on day ONE. That’s it. I could make it twerk into something decent on the second day. By day three, I was looking for a half wig. So I’m proud of myself. However, I woke up and it was 40 degrees… that means it’s about time to put this hair up. So I’m going to do Havana twists for the next 2 months 6 weeks as long as they will hold up and not get on my nerves. I am really starting to love my hair!!!! I feel so much more….me.



One thought on “My First Flat Twistout Success!

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