Journey to Weight Loss

Friday I woke up and decided that I was tired of being fat. Sick and definitely tired of being fat. I’m 5’2, 205 pounds. I am on two different blood pressure medications and I am 30. With the stressful job situations that I am under every day, it’s amazing that I don’t stroke out. So I decided to make some changes. I got approached by Weight To Lose 2013 and Carolina Fitness about a weight loss challenge so I decided to join so I can get some online accountability.

I started working out. The great part about having an Xbox One is access to Xbox Fitness. With that I have access to A LOT of workout videos. I bought Zumba Fitness and I have some other fitness games on Xbox 360. I haven’t gone to my gym yet, but I do actually plan to use my gym membership instead of just paying for it. Zumba how me how much I am out of shape. I really do believe that you need to already be in hape before starting it lol. It’s really fun even though I have two left feet. I also started Weight Watchers online (corporate discount $8….SCORE!!!!). I am on day 3 and I am starving!!! I definitely need to eat more fruits and veggies as a filler or I will start biting folks’ heads off. I have counted calories before and managed to stay full. This has me wondering where the food goes. But maybe this will change once I get used to it.

My weigh in day is going to be on Sundays so I will keep you posted!! Do you have weight loss goals? Are you tired of being fat too? Do share?


10 thoughts on “Journey to Weight Loss

  1. I’m currently trying to lose weight too! I do workout dvds, and find pretty much everything Jillian Michaels does is amazing. Two months in and I definitely have bigger muscles and the beginnings of a six pack – but I have a lot way to go. An unreasonable amount of chub goes on my belly – aha!

    I actually just started hula hooping for exercise too. If you’re looking for a fun way to lose weight would definitely recommend it!

  2. It always starts out a bit hard and the hunger goes away somewhat over time! Fruits, veggies, and lean sources of protein are your friend to keep you full (fiber and protein are good at this). Good luck on your weight loss journey! I’ll be following you. I’m in the process of becoming a dietitian so my blog may be of some use to you. I would suggest starting with this article

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