Friday Randoms

Prototype Mama

1. It’s so great to finally have another off day. My Fridays off are like little oases of happiness. If I can just make it to Thursday, I feel like I am alright.

2. Somehow I keep missing deliveries from FedEx. Do they just not attempt to deliver to my door because I live in an apartment complex? Do I not get a “hey we stopped by sticker?” Do they automatically assume the front office will notify me…..they do NOT!

3. Still making it happen with Weight Watchers. I made to last night before I used any of my weekly indulgence points. The weekends are usually for eating out so I knew I would need them. Last night I needed pizza in my life so I ate the mess out of two 10 point slices of Honolulu Hawaiian and never looked back.

4. I registered for the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam yesterday for the March exam. It’s the first and usually minor step to retaking the bar exam. This however is huge for me. I haven’t sat for the bar since February 2011. I’m really hoping everything turns out well. 

5. Outside of laundry and washing my hair, nothing at all will get done today. I’m all about my Kindle and Bloglovin today.


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