About The Diva

Hello there! My name is Kathryn and welcome to The Southern Diva Chronicles. 

I started my first blog in 2001 and blogged through most of my undergrad days. I took a break from it after graduation but I realized quickly that I missed my outlet for getting my feeling out. So here I am again at what is known as the quarter life crisis. Most people are settling into careers and having families. At 30, I feel like I am still trying to figure it all out. I am an aspiring family law attorney working in telecommnications to pay bills and finance my dreams. I have been madly in love with the same man since 2007. He loves my mind.

I write about my goals, my loves, my hope and dreams. I sprinkle that in with wonderful randomosity (yes, I reserve the right to create words for my usage…). I am a lover of politics, music, ratchet TV, beauty and a host of other things, I write as the wind blows.

Here are some of my favorite posts:

Feel free to reach me here!


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