30 Day Music Challenge: Day 25 – A Song That Makes You Laugh

I heard somewhere that this song was supposed to send a message to people, but it was really stupid. What I really think was that someone got fed up with a couple people they knew personally and made a diss song. Either way the result was HILARIOUS to me. Sometimes when I feel a certain way about a person, some of these lyrics pop in my head. I can’t help it. I’m rude inside my mind.

“Read a book, read a book, read a *%*^#*^$# book!”


Day 17: What is Your Favorite Genre of Movies?

My favorite genre of movies has to be the romantic comedy. I am a sucker for sappy love stuff. I also love comedy, so mixing the two together….instant win! The race of the cast members doesn’t matter to me either way. I watch them all from Brown Sugar to My Best Friend’s Wedding (..two of my favorite movies).

Day 16: What Did You Want To Be As A Child?

When I was a child, I think the dream that I had for myself changed with the wind. By the time I was in the 8th grade, I think that it was cemented in my mind what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a band director. By then, I had been in my school’s band for 3 years and taking private clarinet lessons for 2 years. I was obsessed with music and everything that went into it. That was the first thing I can remember that I had a great passion for. I did everything in my power to learn as much about my craft as possible. I carried that passion straight to college. I was a music major for my freshman year…..then realized that I had stepped into the 7th circle of hell other passions that I wanted to make happen outside of music. Making music a career made me lose my love of it. So I let it go as a way to keep my love of music fresh. I did manage to minor in music…..making my degree a really creative one.

Day 15: What Decade Do You Think You Should Have Been Born In?

I’m an 80’s baby. I spent all of my formative years growing up in the 90’s. I think that I grew up at the best time because the world is going to hell in a hand basket these are turbulent times we are living in. If I got the choice, I would have liked to have born in the 1970s. Music tends to evokes memories inside my mind. Music from that era tries to jump start a memory, but can’t process it. Like I may have been here before. The 1970’s were the business when it comes to music. I would have loved to have been a part of the feminist movement. The culture of the 1970s speaks to my soul.

What about you guys? What decade speaks to your soul?

Day 14: Something You’re Addicted To

Coffee!!! This is a recent development. I didn’t really start drinking coffee until I was working at Jacob Law Group. That job gave me blues, lol. Because it was SO monotonous, I needed something to keep me going. Now I have to have it anytime I need to devote several hours to something. I’m not even particular. I would spring for Starbucks if there was one in my city. I’m more at home with Folgers, lol.

Day 13: Favorite Season and Why?

My favorite season is fall. It is my favorite season because the seasons that we experience in Mississippi are: Hot, Hot As Hell, Not So Hot, and Cool. Fall goes into that “cool” season, lol. All of my favorite memories are in the fall because football season in the fall. Football games, marching bands, cool weather, falling leaves…..my time of year.

Day 11: A Sport You Love To Watch/Play

My favorite sport to watch has to be football….hands down. I was a member of a marching band from the time I was in the 5th grade all the way through undergrad. What’s a marching band without football? Most girls loved football because of boys, but I spent a lot of that time actually learning the game that I was forced to sit through to play my clarinet and tenor saxophone. I love collegiate and NFL. My favorite NFL team of all time is the Carolina Panthers. Because they tend to be on the losing side of the football a lot of times, my secondary team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. (black and yellow!)

Day 9: Best Day Of Your Life

(Here I am again with the procrastination!! Fixing it now!)

The best day of my life was May 10, 2008. This is the day that I graduated from law school. Law school is the most challenging thing that I have ever done and to finish with my juris doctor is the proudest moment of my life. I knew that I wanted to be a lawyer from the time I was in the 11th grade. Took a lot of twists and turns until I got to law school but I made it. I can’t remember feeling more accomplished than at this moment.

See!!! Cheesing all the way down the processional. Happiness was the word!