Journey to Weight Loss

Friday I woke up and decided that I was tired of being fat. Sick and definitely tired of being fat. I’m 5’2, 205 pounds. I am on two different blood pressure medications and I am 30. With the stressful job situations that I am under every day, it’s amazing that I don’t stroke out. So I decided to make some changes. I got approached by Weight To Lose 2013 and Carolina Fitness about a weight loss challenge so I decided to join so I can get some online accountability.

I started working out. The great part about having an Xbox One is access to Xbox Fitness. With that I have access to A LOT of workout videos. I bought Zumba Fitness and I have some other fitness games on Xbox 360. I haven’t gone to my gym yet, but I do actually plan to use my gym membership instead of just paying for it. Zumba how me how much I am out of shape. I really do believe that you need to already be in hape before starting it lol. It’s really fun even though I have two left feet. I also started Weight Watchers online (corporate discount $8….SCORE!!!!). I am on day 3 and I am starving!!! I definitely need to eat more fruits and veggies as a filler or I will start biting folks’ heads off. I have counted calories before and managed to stay full. This has me wondering where the food goes. But maybe this will change once I get used to it.

My weigh in day is going to be on Sundays so I will keep you posted!! Do you have weight loss goals? Are you tired of being fat too? Do share?


30 To Do In My 30s

I turned 30 on August 6th. This was an age that I have been dreading for A WHILE. For some reason, 30 just seemed old to me. I also dreaded turning 30 for the simple fact that I am nowhere near where my 22 year old self thought I would be right now. Then I turned 30 and something magical happened. I feel as if I got a fresh start. I feel sexier. For the first time, I am truly comfortable with myself and who I am….like a switch got flipped.

There are some things that I definitely want to do before I turn 40. Since this is just year one…I have plenty of time. I figure why not give myself 30 things to accomplish.

1. Pass the bar exam. Any bar exam!

2. Move out of the state of Mississippi.

3. Get a passport.

4. Travel outside of the United States.

5. Visit all 50 states (airports DO NOT count).

6. Get married.

7. Have a baby.

8. Get a tattoo.

9. Find a job that I love.

10. Be debt free.

11. Get a LL.M. in either entertainment or family law.

12. Go to Carolina Panthers football game in Bank of America stadium.

13. Learn to swim.

14. Get off blood pressure medication.

15. Buy a house.

16. Dye my hair.  (I’ve never EVER changed my natural hair color)

17. Go ice skating.

18. Experience a real white Christmas. That includes snow that lasts until the next day. Will travel for said Christmas.

19. Go to a strip club.

20. Experience a weekend in Vegas.

21. Spend New Year’s Eve in NYC.

22. Get an autographed jersey from Cam Newton. I don’t care how much it costs.

23. Get a professional massage.

24. Take my dad on a real vacation.

25. Visit a therapist. (I need to at least see if issues I have are real or imagined)

26. Visit my mother’s grave site. (Haven’t been since we put her there. I just can’t seem to go)

27. Find job where I feel fulfilled. (I know this sounds like #9)

28. Be more outspoken.

29. Laugh more.

30. Develop a deeper connection with God.

I have 10 years to get this done. Some of these are objective. Some of these don’t even go together….but it’s totally me!