Friday Randoms

Prototype Mama

1. It’s so great to finally have another off day. My Fridays off are like little oases of happiness. If I can just make it to Thursday, I feel like I am alright.

2. Somehow I keep missing deliveries from FedEx. Do they just not attempt to deliver to my door because I live in an apartment complex? Do I not get a “hey we stopped by sticker?” Do they automatically assume the front office will notify me…..they do NOT!

3. Still making it happen with Weight Watchers. I made to last night before I used any of my weekly indulgence points. The weekends are usually for eating out so I knew I would need them. Last night I needed pizza in my life so I ate the mess out of two 10 point slices of Honolulu Hawaiian and never looked back.

4. I registered for the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam yesterday for the March exam. It’s the first and usually minor step to retaking the bar exam. This however is huge for me. I haven’t sat for the bar since February 2011. I’m really hoping everything turns out well. 

5. Outside of laundry and washing my hair, nothing at all will get done today. I’m all about my Kindle and Bloglovin today.

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 15 – A Song That Describes You

Diva – Beyonce

This song has been my unofficial theme song from the moment I bought I Am…Sasha Fierce and gave it a listen. Whenever I’m feeling myself and am getting ready, I cue it up to put me in the optimum frame of mind. My Twitter name has diva in it. My blog title has diva in it. I consider myself to be a leading lady in the way that I carry myself and the way I am taking charge of my life.

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 5 – A Song That Reminds You of Someone

Cool – Anthony Hamilton

This song has to be the theme and anthem of me and Boo Thang’s relationship. When I hear this song I instantly start to smile. There was a time where we took a trip with two other couples to Gatlinburg. The other two girlfriends got into a fist fight and were bickering the whole time we were there. THREE. DAYS. WORTH. OF. BICKERING. It almost put a damper on our vacation (that we saved months for, might I add…), but we heard this song and everything was alright with the world. Anytime outside forces come in to damage our collective psyche, we just play this song and keep it moving. I love him.

Turning The Corner

Today I had an interview at Comcast for a Retention Executive position. Pending a drug test and a background check……I GOT A JOB!!!! My start date is November 14th and I couldn’t be happier. I got 2 whole weeks to bring my wardrobe back to professional standards (and clothes that fit properly). *happy screams* 
The interviewer….he was amazing. He sat down at the beginning of the interview and told me, “I’ve seen your resume and I’m impressed. Right now I already want to recommend to HR to hire you….so it’s up to you to blow the interview.” Wow. This put me in the most relaxed position EVER. After all the questions, he just kept saying “great” and “brilliant.” Made me feel great. AND he got cool points with me for not dismissing me on sight because of my juris doctor. I thought I had applied to this job with a resume that took this off. Apparently not. When he said,”so I see you have a law degree,” I immediately went OH SHIT in my head. But it was nothing to him….thank God!
I’m just happy that it went so well. The first person I called was my Dad…..can you believe that, lol? I can finally start getting my credit on track. In fact….I’m getting a copy of my credit report sent out to me as I type so I can see the damage. I am one of those awful people that slides it under the rug because there was nothing I could do about it. I can finally bring my student loans current and start saving. More importantly, Boo Thang and I are finally a two income relationship. He just got a promotion (after being there 2 months…what!!). We can finally move out of his mom’s house and start wedding planning.  *sighs* All is right with the world.

Interview Time!

Yesterday I had a job interview!!! This is awesomeness for me because being unemployed has been working my LAST nerve. It’s a state government job located in Hattiesburg, MS. (If you are reading this, can you please insert me getting this job into your prayers? I will greatly appreciate it!) It’s not legal, but it is something that I can definitely be fulfilled in while I get my financial life in order to save up to take the Louisiana Bar Exam. And the pay is more than I have ever made in life, so no complaints there.
I always get really nervous for interviews. I always worry about saying the right things or answering the questions correctly or making the best impression. This time I practiced. And by practiced, I mean thoroughly rehearsed the answers to commonly asked interview questions. I have logged many man hours on looking at articles on interview prep. I walked in there ready. And then they asked me questions that I had no idea how to answer, lol. It amazes me how quick I can think on the fly and how believable it sounds coming out of my mouth! It was also the wrong time to notice how much I say “umm” when I’m stuck…..but hopefully they looked past that. I got some smiles and had good conversations with the two interviewers so hopefully I did well. I won’t know anything until the end of the month at the earliest. So here’s hoping.
Boo Thang went with me to Hattiesburg. That I am SO thankful for. He helped me drive the 5 hours down there….which is always a plus. I hate long distance driving. He was always a help to keep me calm. He knows how rattled I get and he jumped in like Superman, like he always does.  After the interview was over, we went on a sightseeing tour of Hattiesburg. I had never been to Hattiesburg. I’ve always been THROUGH Hattiesburg to get to the Coast. Had no real reason to stop there til now. He used to date a girl that went to Southern Miss, so he showed me around. We went mall hopping and apartment looking (by this I mean driving by apartment complexes because I refuse to actually look yet). End result: I have fallen in love with the city of Hattiesburg. I would give a lot to live and work there. I hope that I get this job. 

Vacation Into Motivation

Today is my first day back at home from a 2 week vacation with Boo Thang to visit his family. His little sister and cousin who he considers a little brother graduated from high school. Since their graduations were a week apart, we just decided to stay down there until they both were finished. I love visiting his family. They have the family relationships that I wish I had growing up. It’s always fun. But I must say that I am happy to be back home with my TV, computer, internet access and the ability to sit on my ass if I so desire, lol.
That two weeks was the biggest test run. In two months, I am probably going to be following my boyfriend home. Job opportunities in this little corner of North Mississippi are…..well non-existent. Especially with the money that I need to make. (Yes, need…’s hard to settle when you have almost $100K in student loan debt) His mom is totally cool with me staying down there until I get on my feet. She actually has been trying to get me to move down there without him since I got laid off exactly a year ago. So while I was there I did a lot of networking and job applications and inquiries…..and lucked up on a job interview in two weeks. YAY!!!! This is my first job interview in a YEAR!!!  This really boosted my confidence a whole lot. It will make me feel good to start making substantial money again. Then I can start saving up for bar fees and start that race over again.
This turned into Boo Thang wanting to go apartment hunting. He’s really not trying to live with his mom for any long stretches of time. He is in super saver mode already, lol. I can understand that. I have lived on my own since I was 22. And we have lived together pretty sufficient since 2009. Hopefully this doesn’t strain our relationship any. I think that the power moves that we made while we were down there was something that we both needed. A change of scenery is something that we both need. Keep us in your prayers!

What Could You Possibly Know About Sports, Little Woman?

(Forgive my image, I thought it was hilarious….and proved my point all at the same time.)

One of my biggest pet peeves is being dismissed. By this I mean having my thoughts or opinions cast off because the person hearing them thinks that I don’t know what I’m talking about. What really bothers me is when men do it. Most of the time, it has an air of “Aww, how cute! It’s a woman talking about ______.” Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I am a football junkie. I eat, sleep and breathe NFL football (and NCAA football for the sole purpose of NFL scouting). I watch SportsCenter and NFL Total Access religiously. I also follow several teams on the Bleacher Report (link). Bottom line, I know my stuff.

Let’s face it, most of my sports related conversations are with men because a lot women just aren’t into sports (or they love basketball…which makes it worse). So the problem always comes when I’m talking about sports with men. No matter what I say men look at me like “what could you possibly know about sports, little woman?” This irritates me to no end!! Then not only do they question my sports knowledge, they start talking down to me like I’m a child. Being the person that I am, I never back down from a challenge. I just go there with them until they are blue in the face. What I’ve found out from these encounters is that there are two types of men.

  1. A LOT of men that pretend to be football fans. They would rather discredit me as a woman than let me continue to chop their balls off while I kill them with my superior knowledge. These are the men that watch a few episodes of Sports Center so that they can be considered one of guys but don’t know anymore than what Skip Bayless, Chris Berman and Mel Kiper told them. Deep down inside they are embarrassed that a woman knows more than them. These men make me laugh because I love to sniff out a fraud.
  2. Male sports fans are generally sexist. Point blank. Period. These are the easiest to win over though. A woman with extensive sports knowledge is considered to be somewhat of a unicorn. Our purpose is generally served by making their lives hell when they are watching the game and making the best pre-game snacks (sorry ladies…..that’s what some of us do *shrugs*). After 30 minutes of blank stares, I will have new male friend.

Boo Thang loves my love of football and stimulates my sports mind all the time. That I am thankful for….or he would have to go…..

Happy Black Girl Day: March Celebration!

(For more information about this celebration, check it out here!)

Happy Black Girl Day!!! Today’s HBGD is special to me because it comes the day after International Women’s Day. How could I not pass up a chance to celebrate womanhood one day and then celebrate the specialness that comes with being a BLACK woman the very next day. Can’t beat it with a baseball bat!

My tribute today goes to the creativeness of the black woman. For as long as I can remember, I have always loved to read. From the age of 3, I was never separated from books for long periods of time. The library in my hometown didn’t really carry books by black authors and the library inside my high school wasn’t short stopping…..until my senior year in high school. I wrote an AP English paper about The Third Life of Grange Copeland by Alice Walker. To this day, it remains my favorite book of all time. This was the first time in life that I read a book for pleasure and was able to connect with the characters on a level that I never had before. Today I throw myself into Alice Walker, Toni Morrison, BeBe Moore Campbell and Terry McMillian to name a few. I love the intricacies of their writing. It makes me feel like a little piece of me is between the pages.

Today I started reading The Black Woman: An Anthology, edited by Toni Cade Bambara. It features poetry and essays written by black women on various topics. I think that everyone should pick it up. This poem stuck out to me within the first 15 pages.

Naturally – Audre Lord

Since Naturally Black is Naturally Beautiful
I must be proud
And, naturally,
Black and
Who always was a trifle
And plain though proud

I’ve given up pomades
Having spent the summer sunning
And feeling naturally free (If I die of skin cancer, oh well — one less black and beautiful me)
Yet no Agency spends millions
To prevent my summer tanning
And who trembles nightly
With the fear of their lily cities being swallowed
By a summer ocean of naturally woolly hair?

But I’ve bough my can of
Natural Hair Spray
Made and marketed in Watts
Still thinking more
Proud beautiful black women
Could better make and use
Black bread. 

Happy Black Girl Day!!!

From Trash To Treasure

Psalm 139:14 NIV: “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

I have been craving a better spiritual connection and relationship with God. I have had many hangups about the church, but I am learning to let those go. I know that the journey begins and ends with me taking the steps.

I started a devotional bible reading plan on I love this website because it has a bible app for my Blackberry and allows me to make notes, bookmark verses and keeping up with my daily readings no matter where I am. Today’s bible verse is the Psalm I quoted above and the topic was “from trash to treasure.” The devotional centered around a piece of old worn out furniture that the author was trying to restore.

You, Lord, have the capability of undoing all my blemishes and mistakes, of taking me back to bare wood again. Better still, You are able to take my gouges and stains–my flaws–and rub and polish them until they’re really the prettiest areas on the desk!
You have done this in my life so many times. I show up in Your garage a mess, but You always see the potential. I wonder if You heave a sigh and, with great determination, begin the project?
That I don’t know. One thing I do know: that You are working; that You are the epitome of patience; that You are skilled–the very best–at refinishing sorry things that might be on the curb ready for the trash truck.
How can I ever thank You for what You have done for me? I can’t. It’s impossible. But You know my thoughts, my heart, the depth of my gratitude. And You see my potential.

There have been too many times that I have felt unworthy, unliked, unloved. I felt that way as I read this devotional. I think that I haven’t ever felt truly comfortable in churches that I have gone to based on the fact that I felt “blemished.” I know that He is bigger than man and will take me flaws and all. If he can works with my flaws and blemishes….maybe I can begin to work with myself in spite of those. I have always dreamed of a picture perfect life for myself. I had everything going in the correct order….but life is not that simple and easy. I have not been able to get past what I feel like are failures and actually live. I have accepted that none of this is a mistake and the things that I am experiencing now are for my benefit. I should not EVER doubt myself again…..because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.