A Theme for 2014


There are many people out there that are choosing one word to be the theme of their year and then striving all year to be that word. I think that’s a great idea. In a world where people make a big deal about resolutions, this makes things a whole lot simpler. When thinking about that one word the year, a song came to mind (yes….my musical being came out with this one). I was watching Despicable Me 2 a couple of weeks ago and Pharrell’s Happy was a song that just stuck in my head. You can just hum it for days. Then I was watching Melissa Harris-Perry last week and they had a whole jam session to this song at the end of show. Now I can’t stop listening to it.

Happiness has been something that has been eluding me foe the past couple years. Since 2010, I have experienced incredible losses that have had me question the core of myself. I haven’t been depressed….I just haven’t been very happy. What I am realizing is that, for the most part, happiness is a choice. Happiness doesn’t just fall out of the sky. The world can’t make me happy. It starts inside me. It’s kind of hard to look yourself in the face and say “Hey Kat….it’s kinda your own fault why you are not happy.” But it’s my truth. For the better part of 2013, I have complained. Complained about my job, Complained about my going nowhere career, Complained about my weight. Just complaints. I didn’t like myself very much last year. How my boyfriend was able to deal with me is so beyond me at this point. (Side note: saying that to him last night got me a lot of hugs and cuddles….but that is another post. Basically he let me know I have been a pill but he understood. Great guy.)

So my goal is just to be happy. Pharrell loves happiness so much that he created a 24 hour music video to this song. (Don’t worry this video is only 4:07 long. Don’t wanna make you guys unhappy….see what I did there?) Whatever this life deals me, I have to handle it with joy. Nothing else will do.

Do any of you have any goal for the year? Can you break them down to one word? Isn’t this song jamming?!


Prototype Mama

Music Therapy: I’m A Grown Woman!!


Sometimes during this quarter life crisis, it hard to feel like you have come into your own….that is until some one challenges your adulthood. No matter how many missteps I feel like I have made in my life or how far off I feel like I am from my life plan or who has what to say about how I live……I’M A GROWN WOMAN.

They love the way I walk
‘Cause I walk with a vengeance
And they listen to me when I talk
‘Cause I ain’t pretending
It took a while, now I understand
Just where I’m going
I know the world and I know who I am
‘Bout time I show it

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 30 – Your Favorite Song From This Time Last Year

This song was EVERYTHING this time last year. It never got old for some reason. In fact, I’m listening to it right now and getting that old feeling back!! I LOVE CHRIS BROWN!!

So that concludes my 30 day music challenge and I actually finished one!!! So proud of myself. How are you guys doing on your reading challenges? I’ve been paying attention….I know some of you are behind lol.

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 26 – A Song That You Can Play On An Instrument

I started playing the clarinet when I was 10 years old. I learned to play other instruments, but the clarinet has always been my principal instrument. When I was a music education major, this piece was my jury/performance piece. It was a real challenge to learn because college was the first time that I ever had to learn to play with an accompaniment. I actually miss those days….

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 7 – A Song That Reminds You of a Certain Event

From Dixie With Love – Ole Miss Band

Hearing this sing makes me think of Ole Miss football in general. More specifically, it makes me think of the 2002 Florida game. I remember standing in the stadium with pride as we beat them for the first time in years, in my band uniform playing this song. This song embodies the pride I have for my alma mater…..even when folks won’t let me have any. HOTTY TODDY!

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 6 – A Song That Reminds You of Somewhere

Rick Ross f. T-Pain – The Boss

This song reminds me of Miami, summer 2008. I took a week long vacation there and this song got HEAVY rotation on the radio (obviously). It was the perfect theme song for the trip. Windows down, hair back…memories. Just how many songs does Rick Ross have with the word ‘boss’ in it?

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 5 – A Song That Reminds You of Someone

Cool – Anthony Hamilton

This song has to be the theme and anthem of me and Boo Thang’s relationship. When I hear this song I instantly start to smile. There was a time where we took a trip with two other couples to Gatlinburg. The other two girlfriends got into a fist fight and were bickering the whole time we were there. THREE. DAYS. WORTH. OF. BICKERING. It almost put a damper on our vacation (that we saved months for, might I add…), but we heard this song and everything was alright with the world. Anytime outside forces come in to damage our collective psyche, we just play this song and keep it moving. I love him.

30 Day Music Challenge: Day 4 – A Song That Makes You Sad

Marvin Sapp – Never Would Have Made It

This song was played during the slideshow at my mama’s funeral. It was her favorite gospel song at the time. She turned me on to Marvin Sapp. Every time I hear this song, it takes me right back to that day looking at her casket. It’s a true story though. I wouldn’t be who I am without her.


30 Day Music Challenge: Day 3 – A Song That Makes You Happy

Wop – J. Dash

This song has little to no lyrical content. I have NO idea how to do the dance, yet every time I hear it on the radio I feel like dancing. No matter what mood I’m in this song can get me through the rest of my day in a mini car jam session, lol. For 2012, I am going to learn how to do this dance…..so I can jam at home!