My First Flat Twistout Success!

As my natural hair grows out, I’m learning a great deal about myself. Namely how impatient I can be about EVERYTHING. I’ve done my research about going natural and I know for a fact that transitioning to natural (which I chose for the sole reason of not wanting a TWA) is a hard path. Doesn’t stop me from complaining about maintaining my two textures and the fact that April seems to be a long way. (This when I’m tentatively going to big chop) Just when I though I was going to lose my mind…I LEARNED HOW TO FLAT TWIST!!!! This may seem like a small feat to those who have been doing their hair a long time, but for me this was major.



With a headband….HOTTY TODDY!!



All dressed up and ready to go out.


So this was my style for the last two weeks. I was happy about finally having a style that let me have 3rd day hair. THIRD. DAY. HAIR. When I used to wash and do a bantu knot out or regular twist out, it was cute on day ONE. That’s it. I could make it twerk into something decent on the second day. By day three, I was looking for a half wig. So I’m proud of myself. However, I woke up and it was 40 degrees… that means it’s about time to put this hair up. So I’m going to do Havana twists for the next 2 months 6 weeks as long as they will hold up and not get on my nerves. I am really starting to love my hair!!!! I feel so much more….me.



Going Natural…..

Today is wash day. Yay!!!! *insert sarcasm here* Wait a minute….let me back this post up a bit.


I got my last relaxer on April 20th. No real big fanfare. Just decided that I wasn’t getting another perm. Maybe not forever….but for a very long time. Several of my friends have been going ¬†natural over the past few years and I was totally convinced that going natural was something that was NEVER going to be for me. These were a few reasons why….

  1. I am a low maintenance diva. I love to look good but I don’t like for it to take a long time. I have very thick, unruly, and at times unmanageable hair…..WITH A RELAXER. I was so used to getting perms so that I could flat iron and wrap my hair so that I could take it down in the morning and go about my day.
  2. I DO NOT like following fads….and in my mind that was what going natural was to me at the time. A fad. Folks were going natural in droves. Bullying people about still getting perms. I was not here for that. Then it was cute on some folks and not on others which leads me to….
  3. I didn’t feel like it was for everybody because people were walking around here with Brillo pads on their heads, thinking that natural meant freedom from combs/brushes/any styling apparatus. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

However, my health had a few things to say about perms. Somewhere around late 2009/2010, I developed a severe case of scalp psoriasis (which I still deal with from time to time). Relaxer and I were starting to not get along. So I went from stretching my perms from every 8 weeks to every 16 weeks. I realized that my hair is pretty cool even when doubling the time between them. Then I started texlaxing. This let me keep a lot of my natural hair texture….just smoothing it out a bit.

Then I got pregnant. Hormones were completely haywire. It was full of complications which led to blood pressure medications that did my hair something awful in those short 6 months. There was no bouncing back from the damage. It was breaking off. Relaxer was making it worse. So i decided that I was going to transition to natural. This is has been the best decision EVER. I LOVE my hair and it’s 3 textures (that I can recognize so far). So in these few months, I’ve seen hair growth and just better quality of hair. I am going to transition until April 20, 2014. Then I will big chop.

So back to wash day. Why is this an all day thing?!?! Any of you have any natural newbie tips? I’m all ears!