Tuesday Randoms 3.11.14

1. I got a raise!! Granted it’s only a quarter raise but it really gets me excited. As down as I get about my job, things like this allow me to at least stay and be comfortable while I prepare for my career. I’m also getting paid GREAT commission for my work. So now I can pay for these classes with no meals being missed. Now if I can bargain with Uncle Sam to at least let me see more of the fruits of my labor.

2. Mother Nature and I are NOT friends at the moment. I’m definitely weary of not knowing what season it’s going to be on a daily basis. I have seen snow one too many times this year to be a Mississippi girl!! It was 70 degrees two days in a row. So here’s to spring….hopefully…..

3. Daylight Savings Time threw a monkey wrench in my sleep patterns. That hour really does matter. A lot. You’d think that I would be prepared by now, but it catches me off guard every time.

4. I have the baby fever again. Like I am obsessed with it. I will be 31 this year. My mind is coming around to trying again. I am still deathly afraid of being pregnant again because of my miscarriage, but I think I’m ready to stamp out this fear.


Friday Randoms

Prototype Mama

1. It’s so great to finally have another off day. My Fridays off are like little oases of happiness. If I can just make it to Thursday, I feel like I am alright.

2. Somehow I keep missing deliveries from FedEx. Do they just not attempt to deliver to my door because I live in an apartment complex? Do I not get a “hey we stopped by sticker?” Do they automatically assume the front office will notify me…..they do NOT!

3. Still making it happen with Weight Watchers. I made to last night before I used any of my weekly indulgence points. The weekends are usually for eating out so I knew I would need them. Last night I needed pizza in my life so I ate the mess out of two 10 point slices of Honolulu Hawaiian and never looked back.

4. I registered for the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam yesterday for the March exam. It’s the first and usually minor step to retaking the bar exam. This however is huge for me. I haven’t sat for the bar since February 2011. I’m really hoping everything turns out well. 

5. Outside of laundry and washing my hair, nothing at all will get done today. I’m all about my Kindle and Bloglovin today.

Monday Randoms….

I really hate my job. It is getting more and more apparent that it is time to go.

I wish the sun would come out. I need sun like a plant does.

I still haven’t put up a Christmas tree. I’m trying very hard to get in the Christmas spirit but stress has my mind elsewhere.

I was happier when I was broke….

Random Thoughts about Working in Customer Service

….the customer is NOT always right! Who came up with that mess?!
….today is Monday. Monday is always the busiest day of the week. Stop calling on Monday if you don’t want to hold. Simple as that.
….don’t rush me. I didn’t ask you to call in on your 15 minute break and you spent 10 of those on hold. Either be patient or call back in when you have adequate time to talk.
…..screaming will get you nowhere. I can’t understand you, so that makes getting help difficult.
…..if you ask me a question and I give you an answer, that’s the answer. If you ask me again, it won’t change.
….a supervisor has no more power than I have. He will defer to me every time.
….it’s just cable/internet, please calm down. It’s not electricity or water….you know things that people need to survive.
….I don’t know why you keep ending up in a call center in the Phillipines. They irritate us as much as they irritate you. They really do.
….if you are nice and pleasant, you can get whatever you want within reason. We don’t talk to many pleasant people.
…..if your name is Bob, then HELL NO I don’t need you spell it for me. I’m not stupid. I probably have more education than you do but the economy sucks….so here we are.

Monday Randoms

1. I was going through my Feedly and came across this blog post from Luvvie.  I saw the Celebrity Wife Swap episode that had Coolio in it and I roasted him out loud by myself the whole time he was on my screen. To read somebody else do it was PURE HILARITY!!!! I laughed so hard I woke up Boo Thang. I laugh when I think about this article. PLEASE go follow her blog. You will not regret it. 

2. I had a follow-up appointment with my opthamologist yesterday. The eye seems to be healing really well and the vision is starting to come back!! *Snoopy dances* HOWEVER, I am suffering from the worst headaches and eye strain imaginable. 30 minutes of computer time and/or TV is all i can do before headaches of migraine proportion start to happen. So….not ready to go back to work and stare at a computer screen for 8 hours a day yet. Next Monday for sure. 
3. My supervisor and my best gal work pals all texted me at the same time last night at the end of the shift. I felt loved. I miss them….not necessarily the stress of the job. Definitely the people. 
4. There is someone who I thought I was developing a friendship with that is quickly turning into a frenemy. I don’t like those. Her competition with me is one sided. Her shade is irritating. *sighs*
5. It’s spring in Mississippi….for the 3rd time in 2 weeks. Well today is more like early summer. It’s 75 degrees. I hope this is going to be the trend because my sinuses can bear another temperature drop. 

Tuesday Randoms

1. I know I haven’t blogged in a LONG time! Still trying to get adjusted to working 8 hours and having a life after I clock out. It’s the struggle. All That time being unemployed has greatly put me at a disadvantage. Did I say that the pay is absolutely friggin awesome?!?! I’ve never made this much money in one pay period in my entire life! I’m not even getting commision yet! I can also see how a person would get stuck there…..gotta make sure I remember what I’m here for.

2. If I’ve said it before, I’ve said it a million times…..I’M READY TO MOVE! Looking at my take home, we’re set to go by the end of next month.

3. Relationships are ahrd….ESPECIALLY when you’ve been together for a long time. Communication seems to be a struggle. People get too comfortable. Troubled times have shown me that there is no one else that I’d rather go though this stuff with than Boo Thang. (Even though I’m sure we’d like to strangle each other sometimes!)

4. One day Daddy is in love with his wife, the next day I’m supposed to draw up his divorce papers (this is another post in itself). I’ve decided that I no longer want to be involved or kept abreast of the foolishness….because that is exactly what it is. Some folks need to grow the hell up.

Happy Tuesday!!