Tuesday Randoms 3.11.14

1. I got a raise!! Granted it’s only a quarter raise but it really gets me excited. As down as I get about my job, things like this allow me to at least stay and be comfortable while I prepare for my career. I’m also getting paid GREAT commission for my work. So now I can pay for these classes with no meals being missed. Now if I can bargain with Uncle Sam to at least let me see more of the fruits of my labor.

2. Mother Nature and I are NOT friends at the moment. I’m definitely weary of not knowing what season it’s going to be on a daily basis. I have seen snow one too many times this year to be a Mississippi girl!! It was 70 degrees two days in a row. So here’s to spring….hopefully…..

3. Daylight Savings Time threw a monkey wrench in my sleep patterns. That hour really does matter. A lot. You’d think that I would be prepared by now, but it catches me off guard every time.

4. I have the baby fever again. Like I am obsessed with it. I will be 31 this year. My mind is coming around to trying again. I am still deathly afraid of being pregnant again because of my miscarriage, but I think I’m ready to stamp out this fear.


Tuesday Randoms

1. It’s cold and snowing in central Mississippi!!! For these reasons, I took my own snow day. Got all the way down to 8:06 before I decided I was going to stay home (shift starts at 8:30). It was a good decision. I have cleared a nice sized chunk from my nearly full DVR. MDOT said not to travel unless it was necessary. As long as I have vacation time, it’s never necessary.

2. This snow day is on the heels of a vacation to Atlanta. Every year since 2008, Boo Thang and I have traveled to Atlanta to the Honda Battle of the Bands in January. Sometimes this one of the few times (read: 2) that we leave the state of Mississippi. Every time we visit, I fall madly in love with the city. So much so that this year we started looking at apartments! We want to leave Mississippi because it sucks for better opportunities that we don’t feel we can get at home. Because we are Southern through and through, Atlanta is perfect. Contrary to popular belief, if we found a job out there on our salaries here….we’d still make it. Operation Leave Mississippi may have grown wings.

3. Traveling home I missed the first hour of the Grammys (thank God for DVR). Of course they had to open with my girl Beyoncé!! I have to admit that I was a little underwhelmed by the performance but it was still hot. Checking all social media outlets though had me bummed. I was actually tired of the hate and stereotypes. It took from the production. I even had to snap on Facebook!


However my favorite part of the night was the Macklemore performance. Not only was it about marriage equality, but acceptance period. I loved it.

4. I am still on the job hunt. It is very important to me to find something that furthers my drive and passion for life. I am toying with the notion of taking my law degree off of my resume. As hard as I worked for that degree (and am still working to use it!) I don’t want to do it. However I know it’s the reason I can move ahead. Weird, huh. Employers see the law degree and they immediately think “she won’t be here long” or “she’s looking for more money than we want to pay” or “later on she will steal our clients.” I know this because it’s come up in interviews. The Witch in me wants to ask them why they called me in for an interview, but I smile, answer all questions truthfully and send the thank you cards for callbacks I never receive. I won’t give up. Refer to random #2.

How is your Tuesday?

Monday Randoms….

I really hate my job. It is getting more and more apparent that it is time to go.

I wish the sun would come out. I need sun like a plant does.

I still haven’t put up a Christmas tree. I’m trying very hard to get in the Christmas spirit but stress has my mind elsewhere.

I was happier when I was broke….

My Forced Vacation!

I’ve been sidelined by retina detachment surgery again. I’m really hoping that this one is the last one. As much as I like my opthalmologist, I hope that he never puts my eye under the knife again. But hey….third time’s a charm, right?

I’m not cleared to go back to work til the 28th. This is great for two reasons. I get to heal and I get a much needed mental vacation from work. Sometimes you get sick and tired of listening to people complain about trivial matters. This gives me time to plan and set some goals with a clear mind….not just out of anger and frustration with my current situation. I have just about come up with an 18 month plan. My daddy told me that real goal setting has a definite plan. Well….here goes.

Random Thoughts about Working in Customer Service

….the customer is NOT always right! Who came up with that mess?!
….today is Monday. Monday is always the busiest day of the week. Stop calling on Monday if you don’t want to hold. Simple as that.
….don’t rush me. I didn’t ask you to call in on your 15 minute break and you spent 10 of those on hold. Either be patient or call back in when you have adequate time to talk.
…..screaming will get you nowhere. I can’t understand you, so that makes getting help difficult.
…..if you ask me a question and I give you an answer, that’s the answer. If you ask me again, it won’t change.
….a supervisor has no more power than I have. He will defer to me every time.
….it’s just cable/internet, please calm down. It’s not electricity or water….you know things that people need to survive.
….I don’t know why you keep ending up in a call center in the Phillipines. They irritate us as much as they irritate you. They really do.
….if you are nice and pleasant, you can get whatever you want within reason. We don’t talk to many pleasant people.
…..if your name is Bob, then HELL NO I don’t need you spell it for me. I’m not stupid. I probably have more education than you do but the economy sucks….so here we are.

Things Are Changing

Last night was the last night that I will work the second shift. *praise dances* It is a blessing sometimes to not have to go in til 12:15, but getting off after 9 at night was starting to get old. FAST. But I paid my dues. After 18 whole months, I finally get an 8:30 to 5:30 shift. It will be wonderful to get off work when the sun is still out. The only drawback is now I have to work on Saturdays. I am going to miss my old team. We were truly like a family. I bonded with that supervisor and that group of people more than I have with anyone else I have EVER worked with. Glad that I am taking one of my teammates with me. Makes the transition smoother. 
I am just happy to get some healthier eating habits. Eating large dinners at dang near 10 at night then going to bed has NOT been nice to my frame. I think my mental head space will be better in my relationship. We will go to work at the same time and get off….kinda around the same time. So we’ll have more time to spend together. His sleep patterns are bad because he wants to be up when I’m up….but I’ll be quick to sleep….and an argument happens. (Thank God I can eliminate that. When I’m sleepy, I go to sleep….Boo Thang, however….) This also sets it up very nicely for me to start bar prep classes in the spring. I can be off work and ready for night classes. 
I have been praying for this for a while so I am definitely thanking God for these changes. I hope they are for the best. 

In Search of Fulfillment

Last Monday was my first day back at work after my second eye surgery. (Sounds like deja vu, doesn’t it?) I swear that Sunday night I had butterflies out of this world and my sleep was restless and fitful. This is totally not good. I had a 3 day weekend and I am experiencing the same symptoms. This is NOT good. I’ve been working for this communications company for a year and 5 months.

The pay is good and with commission, I bring in good money. I love my co-workers. HOWEVER, the cubicle life is leaving me wanting so much more. The stress of the job almost isn’t worth the money. My shift sucks (although I can’t complain about that anymore since I do get a new one starting in exactly a month.) I have so much stress and anxiety before my shift starts. It usually passes once I get there, but it shouldn’t be like that. I NEED AND CRAVE fulfillment in my job and life.

It’s not just the job. I just need something different. I need to do something that makes me feel like I am doing something that matters….whether or not I get paid for it. It’s time to re-examine the bar exam. For real. One more go at it. Outside of the state of Mississippi. I sat that dream on the shelf because it was taking too long. That wasn’t fair to myself. Something has got to give.

Deja Vu

It’s been a moment since I’ve posted. I went back to work after my retinal detachment surgery and was getting acclimated to my surroundings and handling customers again. However, the evening of April 28, I started noticing wavy lines in my field of vision. I got nervous but prayed for the best. When I woke up that Monday, my vision was noticeably cloudy. By two in the afternoon, I couldn’t see a thing out of that left eye.

from strategicstoryteller.com

Of course I feared the worst. I was already at work so I worked my whole shift (which my supervisor thought that I was crazy for doing). I went to the doctor on Tuesday. Diagnosis: traction retinal detachment in my left eye. This was caused by scar tissue that developed from the first surgery that was pulling the retina loose. It wasn’t a complete detachment, my vision was obstructed by fluid. So here we are again.

I had surgery on Friday morning to re-repair the retina. Because the retina in my right eye had some weak spots in it, my ophthalmologist did some laser surgery on it too. The last thing I need is for this to happen in this eye too. They filled my eye with silicone oil, which is kinda like putting a pin in broken bone to help it heal. The down side is that I have to have a THIRD surgery in 3 months to take this oil back out. So I’m at home again on short term disability. I possibly caused this by going back to work too fast to stare at a computer screen for 8+ hours a day. I’m going to be a good little patient and take my recovery slow and steady this time. The good news is that I don’t have to use any more of my personal leave this time because this ties back to the original disability claim. *happy dances* I just have to sit tight, rest and take it easy. Easier said than done….

Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

Today was my first day back at work since the surgery. 2 things….
  1. Mondays are awful days to go back to work after a leave of absence. 
  2. It’s bright as all hell inside my office!!

I don’t ever remember it being that bright before. I guess it has every thing to do with having to dilate my eyes twice a day. I’m literally sitting at my cubicle for 30 minutes at a time with the cataract shades on looking like Ray Charles. A co-worker told me “I’d rather look like him than be him…” Touche. 
I’m at work….however my personnel number is still inactive. Somebody better fix this before the end of the pay period. I worked all day. I need every bit of my $137.12. (yep….every dime).
I thought I missed work while I was out because I was SO bored. Turns out I didn’t miss my job at all. In fact, I had butterflies in my stomach from the time my alarm went off…and not the good kind. It’s about that time to get some new responsibilities. I’m not very good with repetition and monotony, so I’m getting antsy. Praying for new possibilities. 

A Week In….

I’ve been at my new job for a whole week now! *happy dances* I have some slight observations already.

1. Training is VERY boring. I think it would be a lot better once we start getting into the practical parts of it….like the computer systems.

2. God blessed me with the gift of figuring things out quickly. He gave other people different gifts. That’s all I’m going to say. I’m working on not being so…..brash this year.

3. My benefits and perks package is SWEET! Discounts on travel, gym memberships, phone service, PLUS affordable health, dental and vision. I died and went to heaven.

4. This call center is a little messy. That’s fine…as long as my check clears and the commissions keep rolling.

All in all, I’m having fun. Meeting new people is great. The best part is that Boo Thang and I are T-minus 2 months from our own spot. As soon as my probationary period up…..FREEDOM!