A Theme for 2014


There are many people out there that are choosing one word to be the theme of their year and then striving all year to be that word. I think that’s a great idea. In a world where people make a big deal about resolutions, this makes things a whole lot simpler. When thinking about that one word the year, a song came to mind (yes….my musical being came out with this one). I was watching Despicable Me 2 a couple of weeks ago and Pharrell’s Happy was a song that just stuck in my head. You can just hum it for days. Then I was watching Melissa Harris-Perry last week and they had a whole jam session to this song at the end of show. Now I can’t stop listening to it.

Happiness has been something that has been eluding me foe the past couple years. Since 2010, I have experienced incredible losses that have had me question the core of myself. I haven’t been depressed….I just haven’t been very happy. What I am realizing is that, for the most part, happiness is a choice. Happiness doesn’t just fall out of the sky. The world can’t make me happy. It starts inside me. It’s kind of hard to look yourself in the face and say “Hey Kat….it’s kinda your own fault why you are not happy.” But it’s my truth. For the better part of 2013, I have complained. Complained about my job, Complained about my going nowhere career, Complained about my weight. Just complaints. I didn’t like myself very much last year. How my boyfriend was able to deal with me is so beyond me at this point. (Side note: saying that to him last night got me a lot of hugs and cuddles….but that is another post. Basically he let me know I have been a pill but he understood. Great guy.)

So my goal is just to be happy. Pharrell loves happiness so much that he created a 24 hour music video to this song. (Don’t worry this video is only 4:07 long. Don’t wanna make you guys unhappy….see what I did there?) Whatever this life deals me, I have to handle it with joy. Nothing else will do.

Do any of you have any goal for the year? Can you break them down to one word? Isn’t this song jamming?!


Prototype Mama

Happy New Year 2014: Let’s Get Busy!

Happy New Year!!!!  This is that grand ol time of year where we all set these marvelous and grand new year’s resolutions. Then we get to somewhere around May and say screw it til next year this time. I’m kinda tired of doing that. I want to make the goals that I set be things that are actually worked on and things that I can look back on in a year’s time and say “I did that!”

I realize that my goals are way too big to be accomplished in a year. THIS is why I crash and burn before a quarter of the year is out. I read that smaller, more realistic goals tend to be ones that aer kept. So being the perfectionist that I am, I will follow that advice.

I already have a 30 to do in my 30s list….that is something that is supposed to take a decade to do. I need to work on things to better myself today. So here is my list:

  1. Lose 15 pounds. Now this is a realistic goal. I have an overall weight loss goal of 60 pounds, but that number is so….HUGE. So taking it 15 pounts at a time shouldn’t be so bad. I don’t have a diet plan except for to drink more water, eat out less and get my ass off the couch.
  2. Start off each day with a positive affirmation. I place too much negative energy in the air. I recognize this about myself so it is time to change that.
  3. Save more money. I have financial goals but no plan…so I’m just baby steps from paycheck to paycheck living. That’s not good. I am going to use the 52 week challenge where you save a dollar per week corresponding to what week it is. Baby steps….
  4. Take the MPRE and pass. Oh the ethics test….gotta have that score in order to be licensed, so I may as well knock that out and get my confidence up.
  5. Blog more!! I’m talking at least 2 posts a week. Looking at my schedule now, if I do that, you can call me Superwoman.

That’s a pretty decent goal list for 2014. Do you have any resolutions or goals for the new year? Do share!!

30 To Do In My 30s

I turned 30 on August 6th. This was an age that I have been dreading for A WHILE. For some reason, 30 just seemed old to me. I also dreaded turning 30 for the simple fact that I am nowhere near where my 22 year old self thought I would be right now. Then I turned 30 and something magical happened. I feel as if I got a fresh start. I feel sexier. For the first time, I am truly comfortable with myself and who I am….like a switch got flipped.

There are some things that I definitely want to do before I turn 40. Since this is just year one…I have plenty of time. I figure why not give myself 30 things to accomplish.

1. Pass the bar exam. Any bar exam!

2. Move out of the state of Mississippi.

3. Get a passport.

4. Travel outside of the United States.

5. Visit all 50 states (airports DO NOT count).

6. Get married.

7. Have a baby.

8. Get a tattoo.

9. Find a job that I love.

10. Be debt free.

11. Get a LL.M. in either entertainment or family law.

12. Go to Carolina Panthers football game in Bank of America stadium.

13. Learn to swim.

14. Get off blood pressure medication.

15. Buy a house.

16. Dye my hair.  (I’ve never EVER changed my natural hair color)

17. Go ice skating.

18. Experience a real white Christmas. That includes snow that lasts until the next day. Will travel for said Christmas.

19. Go to a strip club.

20. Experience a weekend in Vegas.

21. Spend New Year’s Eve in NYC.

22. Get an autographed jersey from Cam Newton. I don’t care how much it costs.

23. Get a professional massage.

24. Take my dad on a real vacation.

25. Visit a therapist. (I need to at least see if issues I have are real or imagined)

26. Visit my mother’s grave site. (Haven’t been since we put her there. I just can’t seem to go)

27. Find job where I feel fulfilled. (I know this sounds like #9)

28. Be more outspoken.

29. Laugh more.

30. Develop a deeper connection with God.

I have 10 years to get this done. Some of these are objective. Some of these don’t even go together….but it’s totally me!